Graduate Students

Megan Capodanno



Megan Capodanno is the Lab Manager and senior student in the Offutt lab. Her research interests include applying statical measurement techniques in the field of cognitive psychology. Megan has also been a Usability (UX) Researcher at Cox Communications since 2016. In 2019, she received the Percival Rogers Statistics Award from the Department of Psychology at Georgia State University. Her hobbies include yoga and reading.

Ashley Meacham


Ashley Meacham is a graduate student in the Offutt Lab.  She is a 2CI University Doctoral Fellow in Primate Social Cognition, Evolution, & Behavior.  Her research interests involve facial perception and how this relates to decision-making and memory in both human and non-human primates.  Her hobbies include hanging out with her pup, Oliver, and watching trashy reality television and horror movies!

Beth Stevens

Beth Stevens is a graduate student in the Offutt Lab. She is a teaching assistant, and her research interests involve eye-witness memory and legal decision making. Her hobbies include listening to music, hiking, and watching the TV show Friends. 

Rachel Heiter

Rachel Heiter is a graduate student in the Offutt Lab. Her research interests primarily focus on examining the cognitive underpinnings of the endorsement of epistemically unwarranted beliefs, and determining how to effectively discourage endorsement of such extremist views. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys creative writing, reading, drawing, and spending time with her pets.

Past Graduate Students

Thomas Pietruszewski

Thomas Pietruszewski is a graduate student in the Offutt Lab. His research interests include using neuroimaging tools to study the cognitive processes underlying memory and decision making. Thomas worked as an undergraduate research assistant at the University of Connecticut where he did single unit recording and language comprehension research. His hobbies include martial arts and jumping out of planes.